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IT Challenges

Are you struggling with these data challenges?

Here are a few challenges that you might be facing as a business.

Regular Downtime?

Are your IT systems and servers continually going down - with slow and steady fixing times?


File Recovery?

Are you having to wait hours for individual files to be restored by your current IT provider?


Data Protection?

Are you struggling to trust your provider to protect and secure all your critical business data?



Sturggling to comply with the multitude of compliance rules & regulations with poor IT security?


Are you looking for proactive IT Support?

Instead of reacting to the past - we look into the future, preventing any potential errors or harmful threats from entering your business. We scope out technology solutions that'll suit your exact requirements.

IT Solutions

How we can help you solve these challenges.

We don’t just build websites — We develop innovative concepts and experiences for our clients.

Business Continuity

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery & Continuity plans to protect your systems from downtime & data loss.


Constant Up-time

Work without any worry - we can keep your IT systems running all day, 365 days a year.


Granular Restore

Efficiently perform file, image and email-based recoveries - Search and recover with GRE.


Status Reporting

Providing your business with constant updates and visibility of all your critical busines data.

why Choose us?

Why choose Tek Connekt?

With technology and various modern solutions, we can give you the helping hand you need.

Server Backup.

A solution to ensure your on-site servers are fully protected.

Peace of Mind.

The knowledge that your IT systems are secure in numerous locations.

Cloud Backup.

Reliable and secure backups for everything Microsoft 365.

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